Frequently Asked Questions About Automotive Window Tinting 

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Installing window-tinting film is an easy and affordable way to give your car that sharp showroom look, but it’s also a surprisingly practical move, especially in sunny San Diego. Not only do tinted windows help you enjoy a cooler ride during the hottest summer days, but they also provide a safer driving experience for you and your passengers. For more information on the benefits of automotive window tinting, check out the our most frequently asked questions below.

Why window tint your automobile?

Drivers tint their windows for all kinds of reasons, from aesthetic allure to privacy to safety. Here are a few of the most popular benefits of installing window film on your car windows: 

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  • UV protection. Automotive window tinting filters out over 99% of UV rays, reducing the risk of skin cancer for you and your passengers. 
  • Upholstery protection. Tinted window film protects your upholstery and personal possessions from sun damage, helping your car retain maximum value in the long run. 
  • Saves money. Your car’s air conditioner drains your gas mileage by 5-25%. Tinted windows help block sunlight and keep your cool so your air conditioner doesn’t have to work so hard. The less your AC labors, the less it demands of your engine and the less gas you burn. That’s money right in your pocket. 
  • Privacy. Window film provides drivers and passengers with visual privacy while stuck in traffic, coasting along, or sitting parked on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
  • Deters break-ins. Window tinting film protects your car against break-ins. Not only does it restrict would-be thieves from seeing the potential valuables inside your car, but it also holds the shattered glass in place, preventing them from executing a quick “smash and grab.” 
  • Accident protection. Window tinting film holds broken glass in place and protects passengers in the event of an accident. With over 30% of accidents involving side-impact collisions, window film is of critical importance in preventing lacerations from glass shards.
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Are there legal restrictions on window tinting in California?

Yes, there are legal restrictions to window tinting in California. Front windshield tinting is prohibited, although non-reflective tint is allowed in the top 4 inches of the windshield. All front side windows must allow 70% of light to pass through, but there are no restrictions on how dark you can go in the back and rear windows. Dual side mirrors are required, however, if the rear window is tinted. Red tinting is not legal, and automotive window tinting must be no more reflective than a standard window. 

What can I expect when I meet with a representative about tinting the windows on my vehicle?

At Superior Window Solutions, you can expect a friendly, in-person consultation. Our representative will measure the dimensions of your vehicle’s windows and ask about your needs. After establishing measurements and preferences, the representative will go over all the window film options available to suit you and your vehicle. You will receive a quote with an honest price, and the choice is yours—there’s no obligation to buy. 

Do you offer any other window tinting services besides automotive?

Yes! We offer all sorts of window tinting services, including privacy window film and UV protection window film for commercial properties and residential homes. You can find examples of our work, including before and after photos in the ‘gallery’ section of our website, and you are welcome to contact us with any questions you have. 

Why should I choose Superior Window Solutions? 

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At Superior Window Solutions, we only offer products we would install in our own cars or homes. As a local, community-oriented business, we’re committed to establishing long-term relationships with customers by providing the highest quality products and services at the most affordable prices.

All of our products include a lifetime warranty, and our window film installation comes with a one-year warranty, so if there’s an adhesive failure, bubbling, cracking or peeling, we’ll remove and replace, no questions asked. But don’t just take our word for it—you can see our work on the ‘gallery’ section of our website and read what our customers have to say in the testimonials!

Give us a call at (877) 484-6886 and request a free estimate.