Installing tinted window film can be a simple yet effective way to make your home more comfortable, efficient, and secure. Here are 10 reasons tinting your home windows might be a good idea.


Adding privacy window film to your home prevents passers by and other people outside your home from looking in. This grants you increased privacy within your home without having to shut out sunlight or outdoor views with curtains or blinds.


Window tint may also improve your sense of home security. Security films prevent outsiders from looking into your home to gain an understanding of the contents or layout of the home. Window film also makes it hard for anyone to tell when there's no one at home, or who resides within at any given time of day.

Glare reduction

Keeping the sun out of your eyes stops being an issue when you apply tinted window film to your home. It's kind of like putting sunglasses on your house. It's good for keeping glare off your TV and computer screens too. 

UV light protection

Glare's not just annoying, it's potentially harmful. Long term UV light exposure can have lasting effects on your skin and eyes. Privacy window film blocks UV rays, so you get to have it all — natural light, an outdoor view, and protection for your eyes.

Protection from sun damage

Window tint doesn't just get the sun out of your eyes, it keeps it off the carpets and furniture upholstery. Over time, sunlight can leech the color from textiles, but window film prevents this.

Prevent overheating on hot days

A heavy dose of sunlight can really raise indoor temperatures, especially here in San Diego, where the days are warm and the sun is strong. Tinted windows result in lower indoor temperatures, even during summer months.

Reduce energy consumption

Since the sun won't easily overheat a home with tinted windows, there's less need to run fans and air conditioners — and less need for your appliances to do so. This makes it an effective way to reduce household energy consumption.

Lower your energy bill

Tiered energy pricing in San Diego means the more power you consume, the more you wind up paying for each kilowatt you use. If using less energy keeps you below that threshold, not only will you save money on the power you don't use, you'll be reducing your effective energy rate as well.

Save money

Energy bills are just the first place you'll notice saving money. Protecting your furniture and indoor temperatures will add up to more savings in the long term, as you extend the lifespan of your home and its furnishings.

Free quote

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