We all spend a lot of time in our cars, so it makes sense we want to make each ride as comfortable and safe as we can. And some of us like to keep our rides looking sharp, too. Turns out, adding tinted film to your car windows can accomplish all of the above, and more. Here are the benefits of having your car windows tinted.

Protection for your interior

Exposure to sunlight can cause your car's upholstery and carpet color to fade, and lead to wood paneling and dashboards drying out, cracking, and peeling. Window film tinting extends the lifespan of your car's interior by reducing the intensity of the sun's rays, even during the hottest part of the summer.

Reduction of glare

Sunlight doesn't just damage upholstery — another benefit of having your car windows tinted is the chance to shield your eyes from blinding glare. A window tint will cut down the amount of bright light getting into your car, protecting your eyes and allowing for safer driving, even when you're heading in the direction of a cloudless sunset.

Blocking UV rays

Having your car windows tinted doesn't just cut down on harsh light, the window film filters 99% of harmful ultra-violet rays as well. This protecting your eyes and skin from both short and long term damage UV rays can .

Keeping your car cool

The other effect sunlight has on your car's interior is raised temperature. A window tint will keep your car cooler in direct sunlight, even without running the air conditioner. When it does get hot enough to turn on climate control, you'll wind up using less energy than you otherwise would have to maintain the same temperature, reducing fuel consumption and prolonging the life of your car's battery.

Added privacy on the road

There are many reasons to value privacy while you ride in your automobile. Maybe you like to sing along to the radio while you drive, or perhaps you simply don't enjoy being stared at by fellow drivers as you pass. Either way, tinted windows may protect you from view, without interfering with your own view of the road. 

It looks cool

A well-engineered car can be a sight to behold, and adding window tint clearly adds to the appeal. There's something mysterious about a dark tint that catches the eye, and reflective windows better accentuate the lines of the car.

Safer glass

Applying window film to tint your car windows doesn't merely add color and protection from the sun — it also makes the glass in your car quite a bit safer. In the even a window breaks, the film will usually maintain its integrity. If it's a burglar breaking the glass, the film will impede access to the interior. If it's an accident causing the breakage, it will keep shattering glass from raining upon the occupants of the vehicle.

It's easy

Professional installation of window film to tint your car's windows can take as few as one to three hours. At Superior Windows Solutions in San Diego, we offer high-quality auto window tinting to suit your taste and preferences. Contact us to learn more: (877) 484-6886