If eyes are the windows to the soul, then windows definitely have the potential to  reveal something deep about your business. While they are an easy to overlook aspect of the image you present to customers and clientele, windows often contribute to a first impression. That's why, whether your business is consumer or business facing, installing tinted window film proves to be a sound strategic decision. Consider the following advantages of getting window film for your business.


Nobody wants the first glimpse of their business to be an empty shop, office, or reception area. It can be tough to present a tidy and welcoming front at all times, and still get lots of work done. Rather than worry about what something looks like to the outside world, a tinted window film obscures what is happening moment to moment, lending privacy from passers by, without making it seem as though you have something to hide, as drawing curtains or shades can do.

Professional appeal

By installing window film for business, you may actually improve public perception of your business. Tinted windows have long been the domain of successful financial institutions, among others, and their presence helps reinforce the impression your business is professional, capable, and trustworthy. As an added bonus, it can help light-colored window graphics really pop — and light against dark always catches the eye.

Reduced glare

Few things can disrupt an active workplace as effectively as direct sunlight. Glare finds a way to get in everybody's eyes — if it's not shining directly on you, it's likely reflecting off a video screen. We already know curtain and shade can make it seem as though you're trying to hide your activities, psychologically. Fortunately, window tint installation has the added benefit of reducing glare, shading your employees and clients all the same, any time of day.

Filtering UV light

Along with reducing glare, any window film for business installed by Superior Window Solutions also filters out harmful ultraviolet light. UV rays are known to be damaging to vision, harmful to the skin, and can also reduce the lifespan of electronics, furniture, and other business assets. In the long term, window tint reveals itself to be a sound investment.

Energy efficiency

Another way window tint installation can save money for your business over time is by making it more energy efficient. Especially in San Diego, tinted window film reduces energy bills by keeping the inside temperature down on hot days, requiring fewer kilowatt hours for climate control each month.

Superior Window Solutions offers window tint installation for businesses

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