In California, an estimated 31% of every household's annual energy consumption goes towards climate control. That means nearly one-third of each monthly energy bill is spent on either heating or cooling the home. 

That's just the average. The number and size of windows in a home may raise or lower this amount. That's why one sure way to reduce your monthly energy usage is home window tint installation. Many are familiar with the concept of installing home window tinting for privacy. However, the window film used for tinting also has benefits that can save you energy and money. 

Keeps home cooler in summer

Anyone who's ever sat inside a brightly lit room on a hot August afternoon knows that the temperature inside can quickly rise to exceed the temperature outside. In such environments, fans and air conditioners tend to run full blast all day long, drastically increasing energy use. In California, a tiered rate system means that electricity consumed during peak daytime hours may be double the usual cost per kilowatt hour. Likewise, once you exceed a monthly threshold, any additional electricity you consume is charged at the peak rate.

Window tint installation can reduce you climate control needs, even on the hottest of days. Window films may be installed with up to 70% visible light transmission and UV protection, which can greatly limit the rise of interior temperatures. Those windows go from being de facto room heaters, to becoming climate control devices in their own right.

Keeps heat in during winter months

Likewise, during the cool nights of winter — even in desert communities such as San Diego — windows provide an opportunity for precious heat to escape the home. Since temperatures tend to drop to their lowest points during the dark, early morning hours, many San Diegans know what it's like to wake up at 4am and discover their home, which was pleasantly warm when they went to sleep, has become a veritable ice box. That's why, even in sunny California, overnight heating bills can add up.

Tinted window film may remedy this situation as well. The window film reflects radiant heat back into the home, reducing the sort of energy loss common to Southern California homes. In other words, by installing window film in your home, you'll be less likely to waste energy heating the outdoors on your dime.

Save energy with Superior Window Solutions

In the San Diego area, Superior Window Solutions offers professional window tinting for your home that may help lower the cost of your monthly energy bill year round, while increasing privacy for your household. Contact Superior Window Solutions today. Our experienced installers will work with you to determine your ideal visible light transmission, and ensure the correct window film is applied to those windows contributing to higher energy bills.