Holiday gift ideas for that special someone

With the holiday season only a couple months away, it's time to start thinking about gift ideas for that special someone in your life. Why so early? Because the best gifts are the ones that show planning and foresight — the kind of things you can't simply run out to a store and buy in the middle of December.

If you want to win some points with a creative gift that your special someone won't see coming, but will cherish long after the holidays have ended, read on.

Arrange a privately catered dinner

It's never a bad idea to cook a special meal for that special someone. But to really wow your partner, enlist the help of a professional. Not only will a top notch chef prepare and present a meal that's a cut above your own handiwork, but home chef services often include a waiter or waitress to provide restaurant quality service. You needn't spend any time in the kitchen, meaning you both may enjoy a romantic meal in a stress-free setting, all in the privacy of your own home. It will truly be a night to remember.

Make a book out of old photographs

To commemorate the wonderful times you've spent together, gather some of your favorite photos, ticket stubs, and other memorabilia and collect them into a one of a kind book. It's the sort of thing that will inspire loving emotions the moment your loved one unwraps it, but also something to enjoy forever. Every time you peruse it together, nostalgic feelings will make it a constant reminder of your shared love and history. Be sure to include goofy photos too, so you can relive the laughter of those great old times!

Schedule a holiday house cleaning

Think about how wonderful it feels to come home to a beautifully clean house. Now imagine how surprised and delighted you'd feel to come home to discover that your house is 100 percent spic and span just in time for the holidays! Enlist a cleaning service to come clean everything top to bottom while your special someone is out (bonus points if you send them out for a spa day!). Then witness the joy in their eyes when they return home and realize how clean and comfortable — and relaxing — the holidays are going to be. Don't wait too long to book, the holidays are a popular time among cleaning services.

before and after window tinting for home

Install window home window film

Perhaps the longest lasting ways to impress your special someone with a holiday gift is to permanently upgrade their quality of life. Something like residential window film doesn't sound sexy on paper, but in application, the sense of security that comes with a window film installation opens the door to romance. Window film for your home can provide comfort on hot, sunny days by blocking light and heat that can make a place feel unlivable. And besides the obvious curb appeal, a dark tinted window film gives the gift of privacy, perpetually keeping prying eyes from watching you, say, enjoy a book of old photos, or celebrate with sips of wine over a chef prepared meal. 

Schedule a window film installation with superior window solutions this holiday season, and surprise that special someone with a quality of life upgrade that they will enjoy every day for years and years. Schedule ahead of time to schedule your ideal installation time, and don't forget to hang a little mistletoe, then feel secure in the knowledge, no one's watching.