window tinting a commerical bulidng

However you choose to install it, commercial window film provides a number of benefits, beginning with maintaining a professional appearance, and including energy cost savings. However, properly applied, window film can protect your business as well. More than a standard business window tint, security window film may provide a range of protections to a commercial enterprise, even one or two you might not expect.

Keeps prying eyes out

The most visible benefit of installing window film for business is privacy. Commercial window film may tinted as much or as little as a customer desires. However, by selecting a dark business window tint, a business may ensure a person trying to see inside won't be able to determine whether a building is occupied or empty. Potential burglars also won't be able to tell whether a business houses any valuable objects. This means unsavory characters will be less likely to target your business for criminal behavior.

Stymies intruders

Even in the event not being able to see through a business window tint doesn't deter burglary, security window film can make it significantly more difficult to gain entry. Such commercial window film usually consists of one or more very strong, virtually unbreakable materials. So even though it may technically be a thin sheet of window film, broken glass cannot not tear it, so any attempt to gain entry through a broken window will be thwarted. Instead, the security window film will hold any shattered glass in place, preserving the integrity of the barrier it provides against theft.

Prevents injury

There's another protective benefit to be gained from the inability to break through security window film, and that's the prevention of injury due to shattered glass. Even if the breakage isn't due to criminal activity — say, high winds hammer the window with large debris or tree limbs — broken glass shards entering a place of business puts employees at risk. Because strong window film contains broken glass, employees may still be startled by a loud crash, but will more than likely be saved from injury, reducing a business's liability.

Contains wireless networks

A newer generation of business window tint options even provide what amounts to high tech security. Recent developments in the commercial window film business give certain kinds of window film the ability to contain sensitive wireless signals from leaving the building, making it difficult for anyone outside the business to intercept your signals. Any company that requires wireless security to protect data networks and intellectual property should enquire about the next generation materials that give new meaning to the concept of security window film.

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