Flowers, chocolate, a fancy dinner. These are tried and true Valentines Day gifts that most people rely on year in, year out — they can be kind of ho hum, when you think about it. If you truly want to give a special Valentines Day gift, you'll want to do something your one and only will never expect. Something like decorative window film. Don't think it's romantic enough? Think again. Here are the reasons home window tinting is an idea that can heat up your Valentines Day!

It can cool your home

Window tint in San Diego isn't just about looking cool, it will cool down a home's interior, too. In fact, even decorative window film can reduce up to 78% of the sun’s heat! That may not sound important during the cooler, rainy months, but by mid-spring it will become an invaluable way to keep the place cool without driving up energy costs.

It looks cool too

Okay, functionality aside, home window tinting really does improve the look of any house or apartment. Not only does it even out the reflective surfaces, and give a home's exterior the cool cachet of sunglasses, it's available in different colors. This means you can match it to siding, stucco, or trim, or better yet, choose your Valentine's favorite color!

It provides sun protection

In Southern California, the sun doesn't just heat up your interior, it adds to the wear and tear. Harmful UV rays quickly dull the color of carpets and upholstery, while drying out paint, wallpapers, wood, and veneers, often to the point of cracking. 
Window tint in San Diego doesn't just protect furniture from harmful UV light, but people too. Home window tinting puts an end to disruptive glare by as much as 86%! This will not only protect your loved one's eyes, but can slow the effects of aging skin as well. Especially important when your love is ageless.

It makes your home safer

While we're on the topic of protecting your loved one, consider that home window tinting also offers the gift of safety. Potential thieves and home invaders will no longer be able to look through windows to determine who or what is inside, every time of day. This means they're less likely to take a chance on breaking in because the risk is too great. In this way, even when you're not there, this Valentines gift will provide a round the clock feeling of security.

Increase privacy

Perhaps the best part of installing decorative window film is the amount of privacy you both will gain by adding home window tinting. When those on the outside can't see in, it frees you up to embrace any romantic moment, without worrying about looky-loos. And let's face it, with a gift like this, you're definitely going to want a little privacy on Valentines' night!

Give the gift of Window Tint in San Diego

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