Most people know right away that they like the look of different kinds of car window tinting, whether it's dark or light, reflective or nonreflective. But when it comes to determining which type of window tint is right for your car, the sheer number of window film options can get confusing. It's about more than style, and since there's more bad than good out there, it's too easy to wind up with an automotive tint that underperforms and fades quickly. Here's a quick primer on what to look for — and look out for.

Dyed window films

By far, most of the car tinting options sold today involve window film dyed with varying degrees of pigmentation. While they offer varying degrees of reflectivity and glare reduction, the problem with this kind of film is the dye won't last. The dark black or gray color you admire will fade to purple. Meanwhile, in time the dyed film wil start to bubble, and eventually peel off. Of course, the less expensive the car window tint, the faster it falls apart. It's not worth the investment.

Metallic car window tint

A lot of car window films feature a thin metallic layer for color, rather than dye. These work well as automotive tint, and the reflective nature of the metals used make them particularly good at filtering UV rays and reducing heat inside the car on hot days. The drawback, more pronounced these days, is such metalized car tinting does tend towards signal interference, meaning any wireless electronics inside the car won't work as well.

Ceramic automotive tint

For a lighter tint that does a remarkable job protecting a car's interior of both heat and UV rays, ceramic car tinting can be a great option. It won't block electronics signals the way metallic tints can, and is generally considered the highest quality automotive tint. Its only drawbacks may be not going as dark inside the car as some may like, and the higher price.

Hybrid automotive window tint

The best of all worlds car tinting option may be hybrid window films. These will combine the better qualities of the metallic films with the signal friendliness of dyed films to create durable, colorfast window tint that reflects excessive heat and blocks nearly 100% of harmful UV rays. Finding a high-quality hybrid window film will reap all the benefits of a ceramic or metallic film, and do it at a reduced cost.


Deciding which type of window tint is right for your car is only the first step. Any window film you choose will need to be installed correctly by experienced pros. Furthermore, you should only choose automotive tint offering a lifetime warrantee from a reliable manufacturer.

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