ways to green your business 

More than ever, environmental practices have become a practical concern for everyone doing business. Simply put, it offers financial benefits, as well as improving the quality of life and morale of employees. Here are seven easy, effective ways to go green.

Reduce paper use

One of the easiest ways your business can go green is to reduce the amount of paper used on a daily basis. Preserving documents in digital form only doesn't merely reduce consumption, it makes files cleaner and easier to store, and much easier to find later. When paper copies are absolutely necessary, double sided printing cuts paper consumption in half.

Eco friendly hardware

Another way to reduce the environmental impact of using paper documents is to use recycled paper. Taking a green approach also applies to office hardware and supplies. Install aerating faucet filters to reduce water waste, thermostats to reduce energy used for climate control, smart plugs to prevent electricity from flowing when appliances aren't in use, and window tint for business to gain greater control over light and heat.

Detox the office

A clean office is necessary, but using toxic chemicals to achieve it is not. Switch to nontoxic cleaning solvents to protect the environment both inside and out, and when adding new carpet, furniture, or paint, opt for materials that don't emit volatile organic compounds. To improve air quality, bring in a few indoor plants known to absorb harmful chemicals, such as many kinds of palm, philodendron, or ficus.

Limit commuting

Each of your employees uses polluting resources to get to work each day. To reduce carbon emissions, find ways to incentivize public transportation and carpooling. Create a perk to allow employees to work from home and telecommute. You can offer regular telecommute days, or rotating days so people may take turns telecommuting without leaving the place understaffed.

Go dark at night

Unless your business runs twenty four hours a day, there's very little reason for most lights or appliances to stay on during nights and weekends. Get your employees in the habit of shutting down nonessential equipment at end of day, including computers, printers, lights, and power strips.

Embrace daylight

Any business with windows may consider embracing the ambient light provided by the sun during daylight hours. When possible, sunlight always provides a greater quality working environment compared to artificial light, and costs nothing more than an open curtain.

Commercial Window Tinting

business window film 

Better than using curtains to let the light in is installing business window film. Window tinting in San Diego proves a particularly effective means of lowering energy costs, since it filters solar radiation that raises internal temperatures, reducing the need for climate control. It does so while allowing visible light to enter the office, without glare, creating a more natural, productive atmosphere. For both of these reasons, commercial window tinting lowers energy consumption, meaning it lowers business costs. When enough businesses use window tint, demand for electricity goes down, meaning fewer power generating facilities, resulting in lower emissions, and a better environment. 
For window film in San Diego, Superior Window Solutions can help shine some light on your business while reducing costs and helping you to go green. Feel free to give us a call at  (877) 484-6886 or fill out our contact form