custom logo designs 

While there's no doubt installing commercial window tinting can improve both a business's appearance and its financial bottom line, there's another benefit to window tinting that takes professionalism to the next level: custom logo designs.

Including custom logo designs in a window tinting installation can seem like only a small detail, but it's capable of providing a tremendous eye-catching appearance. Simply imagine the value of a bright custom business logo appearing in stark contrast against the dark tint of window film, and you'll see how it's possible to improve your business with custom logo designs.

Logo design services

Superior Window Solutions can help implement logo designs for business at any stage in the process. Whether brainstorming a concept, providing start-to-finish logo design services, or simply applying existing branding in the best way possible during installation, our experienced staff will ensure a custom business logo is tastefully rendered. 

Our logo design services include determining best practice color and/or darkness of your business window tinting — whether to go mysteriously dark, or to adopt colors from your brand's existing palette. We'll also take other considerations into account, such as determining the best size and placement to achieve a clean and professional look, and the proper frequency to reinforce your business's messaging without going over the top. 

Our aim is to really help a custom business logo pop, in an appropriate setting, increasing visibility of your company's name and brand, while ultimately maintaining the character of your enterprise. 

The benefits of commercial window tinting

When installed with an experienced, professional touch, business window tinting provides a simple means of making a stellar first impression. Compared to clear windows, which offer no cover for employees or interiors, darkened glass presents a much cleaner, more stylized look that immediately conveys a sense of proficiency.


Placing a custom business logo in the window boosts that first impression tenfold. It offers clients, customers, vendors, and potential partners a subtle psychological cue that you have the utmost confidence in the strength of your brand, and pay attention to detail.

Of course, window tinting provides other long term benefits, including reduced glare, and protecting the color integrity of carpets and furniture. Plus, even on the hottest San Diego days commercial window tinting filters out UV rays to help keep interiors cooler, helping reduce climate control energy costs.


Ask about improving your business with custom logo designs

Contact Superior Window Solutions today to inquire about logo design services available along with your commercial window tinting installation. We know you'll find it an upgrade that's immediately apparent, and will continue to pay dividends for your business for years to come. Give us a call at (877) 484-6886 for more information.