Common Car Window Tinting Myths

If you’re in the market for affordable ways to upgrade your car, window tinting is one of the smartest investments you can make. While there’s plenty of information available online about all the benefits of car window tint, there are also several misconceptions floating around that might leave you confused. Here are 7 of the most common car window tint myths, and the truth about why tinting is worth every penny:

Myth #1: Car window tint is entirely cosmetic 

Fact: Professionally tinted car windows look undeniably cool, but all the practical benefits of window tint far outweigh the aesthetic benefits. High-quality auto window film can block 99% of UV rays, which protects your car’s interior from fading and your skin from the harmful effects of solar radiation. Window tint also blocks between 40-60% of solar heat, keeping your interior cooler during hot days. This reduces the burden of your air conditioning system to lower the temperature and leads to maintenance and fuel savings down the road. 

Myth #2: Window tint will eventually bubble and discolor

Fact: We’ve all seen car windows blemished with unsightly purple bubbles, but that is nothing more than evidence of low-quality window film and amateur installation. Many window tint products on the market are made with metalized particles, metal-dye hybrids, or ceramic particles, which will maintain their original shade and not discolor. As for the bubbles, professional installation experts will ensure the window film remains smooth and bubble-free.

Myth #3: Window film makes car windows unbreakable

Fact: We wish this was true, but window film still has significant theft-deterrent and safety qualities. Window film adhesive is strong enough to hold the pieces of broken glass together in the event of a break-in or accident, which then requires more time and effort for a potential theft and reduces the chance of injury in a crash. Darker shades of window film also increase privacy and security by preventing would-be thieves from seeing any belongings inside your car.

Myth #4: Window tint is illegal

Fact: Car window tinting is not illegal, but each state has its own regulations you must follow. In California, no tint of any shade is allowed on the front windshield (although clear tint is allowed) and front side windows must have a minimum of 70% visible light transmission (VLT), but there is no restriction on tint darkness on the back side and rear windows. There are other minor regulations regarding reflectiveness, tint color, and side mirror visibility, but professional automotive tinting services can help ensure that all legal window tint regulations are followed to the letter.

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Myth #5: Window tinting will lower the resale value of my car

Fact: Unless your car has low-quality window tint or a DIY installation job, window tinting can actually increase the resale value of your car by preventing the upholstery from fading, the dashboard from cracking, and other interior damage from the sun’s harsh UV rays. Keeping the inside of the car cool on hot days and providing security and safety are also big selling points for cars with window tint. And if you don’t agree, you can always have the tint removed before selling—the process is completely reversible if desired.

Myth #6: Car window film does not come with warranties

Fact: Almost all window film includes a manufacturer warranty, and many professional installers offer warranties on labor as well. At Superior Window Solutions, we offer a lifetime warranty on all our automotive window films, and we also match your existing glass warranty so you don’t lose those benefits after window tint installation. As for labor, we’ll replace your window film—no questions asked—if you aren’t completely satisfied with our installation. We also offer a one-year limited warranty on installation.

Myth #7: Solar film is a great DIY project

Fact: Window film installation might appear to be as simple as applying giant stickers to your car windows, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Proper tint installation requires precision, expertise, and specific tools to do the job right, which is why most DIY tint jobs stick out like a bubbly, peeling, faded sore thumb. To ensure your window tinting service looks slick and performs as it should, leave this project to the professionals. 

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At Superior Window Solutions, we carry a huge selection of automotive window film and our experts can help you choose the right tint for your preferences and budget. If you’re ready to make one of the smartest car upgrades available and enjoy all the benefits of window tinting, give us a call at (877) 484-6886  for more information on our current promotions and custom options.