Reasons Why Homeowners Love Window Tinting

Window tinting has become a hot home upgrade for San Diego homeowners. Adding residential window film offers a wide range of benefits, whether to an apartment, condominium, or standalone house. From pure style to financial incentives, here are the biggest reasons why homeowners love window tinting.

It Increases Privacy and Security

Home window film may add decorative, solar, or security benefits. But in every case it adds an element of privacy by darkening windows to people outside the house. By adding a dark window tinting, you'll make it more difficult for passersby to look in, regardless of their motives. Homeowners get to enjoy their view without closing the curtains, yet still feel secure they're not being watched, or cased by potential burglars.

Home Window Film Improves Looks

Another reason homeowners love home window film is that it adds curb appeal. The more opaque the window tint, the better it contrasts with the architectural lines fronting a home. That's especially true with many of the most prevalent architectural styles in San Diego, including Mission revival, Spanish revival, and prairie school. Of course, it's always an excellent fit for modern homes.

It Boosts Sale Value

It's not rocket science: the better your home looks, the easier it becomes to sell. Time and again, installing residential window film adds to a home's sale value. It turns out, home buyers also love window tinting. And not just for the style, privacy, and security concerns — they appreciate some of the long term health and economic benefits too! 

home windows that are tinted

Window Tinting Reduces Glare

A solar window film for your home offers window tinting that doesn't just darken the window, but also filters out undesirable sunlight, including ultraviolet and other potentially damaging light frequencies. Light a quality pair of sunglasses, homeowners love this type of residential window film because it protects the eyes from long-term effects of sunlight, as well as discomfort.

It Protects Interiors

Some of those ultraviolet frequencies impact more than a person's eyesight. They can also fade fabric colors and patterns. Uneven sunlight passing through conventional, untreated windows can bleach out carpets, curtains, upholstery, wallpaper, and even artwork. Homeowners can protect these investments by installing residential window film, extending the lifespan of such possessions for years. That adds up to untold long term financial benefits.

It Saves Money on Climate Control

For many of us, San Diego's sunny climate tops the list of reasons we love to live here. However, renters and homeowners alike understand that the cost of keeping a home cool on hot days can be an expensive proposition. And because most of our homes are built for warm weather, the costs stay high as we try to ward off the desert chill of winter nights. Home window film can help insulate the home, by not allowing as much transfer of heat. Of course, in the summer, it filters out sunlight, significantly reducing the amount of heat that comes with it. In combination, these benefits help reduce the need for air conditioning and other energy consuming climate controls. That means lower energy bills year round, and big long term savings!

Homeowners Love Superior Windows Solutions

For all the reasons above, homeowners love the window tinting professionalism, quality, and experience Superior Windows Solutions brings to San Diego. Contact us today at (877) 484-6886 to see how we can boost your home's potential.