What Are The Different Types Of Window Tint?

With many breakthroughs in technology and materials, the tinted window film industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent times. Today there are more window tint options than ever before. providing a greater degree of control in the way light enters your home or business, with a wider range of valuable benefits than ever before.

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Some of the greatest value has been seen in the market of window tint for companies. Several types of window film have provided businesses a way to establish a greater appearance of professionalism in their work space. Some have proven a sound financial investment, and literal energy saver. And most of the time business window tint results in vastly more comfortable working conditions. 

Home with dark window tinting 

Privacy Window Film

The classic window tint for companies would be the dark tint. Today's window tints cover a more comprehensive light to dark range, comprising a richer palette of hues. Reflective films — the kind that turns the window into a mirror to people outside — are still available, as are more subtle opacities. 

Decorative Window Film

A different type of window tint that works well for interior windows is the kind that present frosted glass, or etched patterns. Such decorative window films can be used to keep office interiors out of view, and potentially to add decorative structure, either formal or elegant. With laser and other modern technologies, these types of window film create an opportunity for customization that's much more creative than anything we've seen in decades past. 

Daylight Redirecting Window Film

Another fascinating technological advancement has been the advent of daylight redirecting window film. The ingenious window film literally redirects rays of sunlight, so rather than shining directly into a room from outside, creating glare, they're channeled up onto the ceiling. The ceiling then reflects indirect light all around the room, creating a much more comfortable and consistent light levels.

Solar Control Window Film

Possibly the most valuable window tint for companies, solar control window film raises the privacy window tint game by adding functional control light, heat, and solar radiation. By using more sophisticated materials such types of business window tint, a company may find a way to create comfort, while also conserving resources. Solar control window tint allows most of the visible light spectrum to pass through, but filters out 70- to 90-percent of ultraviolet and infrared light ranges. 

These are the frequencies that can damages eyesight and skin, wash the colors out of fabrics, and raise the temperature of the room during the day. Eliminating these invisible light rays reduces the need for climate control, adding long term energy costs, and extending the effective lifespan of interior decoration and plenty of other resources, including personnel! 

What's the right type of window tint for your business?

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