5 Benefits of Using Anti-graffiti Film

anti graffiti film

Anti-graffiti film is the answer to a big problem many retail stores face: the scourge of graffiti. While street art can be terrific, by far most graffiti is at best artless and at worst highly destructive. And that's especially true when windows are the target of graffiti vandals. In addition paints or markers, some vandals choose to etch or gouge their names in glass, making it impossible to remove the graffiti without a costly window replacement.

Unfortunately, there's no realistic way to stop graffiti from happening altogether. However, retail store film offers a low-cost to the damage done by vandals. By using anti-graffiti film, a business can easily remove most forms of graffiti without having to change out glass. Which brings us to the first of 5 benefits of using anti-graffiti film.

The graffiti peels right off

Anti-graffiti film applies an outer layer to your window, providing an invisible barrier between your glass and a would-be vandal. Virtually whichever method the vandal uses to mark up the window, the anti-graffiti film gets marked up instead. The vandal will leave behind his or her mark, thinking it permanent. However, when you peel off the anti-graffiti film, the marks will be gone, revealing unblemished glass underneath it.

You save the cost of graffiti cleanup

Most spraypaint and even permanent markers may be removed from windows using razor blades or chemical solvents. But it can be time consuming — and therefore costly — and may yet cause minor damage to the glass. The cost gets much higher when a vandal uses a sharp tool to etch or gouge the glass, or corrosive acid to damage its surface. On unprotected glass, such malicious acts can't be cleaned up, requiring expensive window replacement to clear the window of graffiti. With a protective retail store film, even the etching gets cleanly taken away.

Protects your glass

Anti-graffiti film establishes a secure outer layer that protects the glass from scarring as well as inks and paints. The retail store film itself may be etched, gouged, or discolored, but it will protect the glass from most damage caused by graffiti vandals. Simply removing the anti-graffiti film solves the problem, and a simple replacement film installment protects it from the next one, greatly extending a window's lifespan.

Deters future graffiti

A business may go months without a graffiti attack. But once a single vandal strikes, others who see the first one's tag will consider the window a target as well. Worse yet, if you have a multiple window storefront, each pane unprotected by retail store film, a single attack on one pane may invite multiple attacks on all of them. When a window is protected by anti-graffiti film, a vandal's marks won't last long enough to attract other taggers.

Preserves tinted window film

There's more than one kind of retail store film. If you've invested in commercial window tinting, vandals can put the tinted window film itself in peril, as well as the untreated glass. Anti-graffiti film may protect high quality window tinting from damage as well. 

In San Diego, Superior Windows Solutions specialized in the installation of all manner of tinted and protective retail store films, including solar window film, security window film, and anti-graffiti film. Contact us today to see how you may benefit from anti-graffiti film installation.