Window film for your car should be a routine installation, but that doesn't mean something can't go wrong. Without the input of a trustworthy installer, it can be easy to make the following auto film mistakes.

Choosing the cheapest film

There are many auto film brands, offering a variety of auto window tinting products, but all are not created equal. If you are quoted a price for window film that is much lower than most auto tint on the market, it's a pretty clear indicator you're looking at a low quality auto film. Everyone doesn't need the best auto tint, but if you settle for the cheap stuff, you'll quickly find out what it's worth. For one thing, the color of low quality auto window tinting fades after a short time. It's also more likely to bubble and peel from the glass.

Trusting a bad quote

When you seek a quote on auto window tinting installation, take note of every detail. Does it cover all of your car's windows, or just a few of them. Does it factor in both labor and parts, or is there fine print announcing additional fees. Unscrupulous businesses have been known to offer lowball quotes online or over the phone to lure potential customers, then try to upsell to reach a higher price in person. Look for an auto film installer that offers a simple, good faith quote on the best auto tint in you price range, with no surprises.

Getting illegal auto window tinting

State and local laws make restrictions on what level of auto window tinting is allowed on certain windows and certain kinds vehicles. Different regions create different rules, and it's important to be sure the auto window tinting you want is allowed where you live before you commit to it. Any worthy installer will know what's permitted and what's prohibited, and be able to guide you through a legal installation of the best auto tint your vehicle is allowed. For example, the staff of Superior Window Solutions is well versed in both San Diego and California code regarding auto window tinting.

Relying on an inexperienced installer

One of the most common auto tint mistakes people make is easy to avoid: they go with an unqualified auto film installer. Basically, any shop that doesn't specialize in window film installation will be prone to novice mistakes: say, a failure to use the best auto tint, window film misalignment, or trapping air pockets between the auto film and the car's windows. These mistakes are easily avoided by a dedicated auto film specialist.

Failing to get a warranty

The best auto tint installers back up the quality of their work, and any auto window tinting installation that doesn't come with a warranty is a mistake! In San Diego, Superior Window Solutions offers a lifetime warranty on its window films, and even matches any existing glass warranties, so you won't lose any existing benefits by installing auto window film. We also offer a one year warranty on installation, and non nonsense quotes for expertly installed auto film using only the best auto tint brands.