How To Protect Your Vehicle’s New Tinted Windows

Don't roll down those windows on the drive home

After auto window tinting is first installed, the film and adhesive need time to cure. If you roll down the windows before it cures, even the best auto tint may peel. This drying period for auto film may last a couple of days in warm, dry conditions. However, in cold, damp weather it could take weeks. While newly installed auto film in san diego should cure within 2 to 4 days of sunny weather, it's wise to take note of the relative humidity in the days after your auto film installation. Wait a week or more when it's cool and wet. 

Wait a month to clean

It's not uncommon for newly installed auto film to appear hazy after it's first installed, or even for small pockets of liquid to form beneath the surface. Do not try to clean the auto window tinting yet! The haze is just a natural part of the drying process, and any lingering liquid will evaporate, leaving the best auto tint smooth and clear. However, even if the curing process is complete, do not clean your windows until a month has passed, to avoid damaging the auto film.

How to clean auto window film

Once a month has passed, and it's time to clean your new auto window tinting, you'll need to be careful which tools and solvents you use on the auto film. The best auto tint cleaner may simply be dish soap and water; however a gentle, non-ammonia glass cleaner will work, as will cleaning products specifically marketed for cleaning auto window tinting. Be sure to use a clean, non-abrasive cloth rag, paper towel, or sponge to clean, and a soft squeegee to rinse. 

How not to clean auto window film

It bears repeating: when you select a glass cleaning product, make sure it does not contain any ammonia! Ammonia glass cleaners may act corrosively on auto film. It's also very important not to use abrasive cleaning tools if you want to maintain an unblemished auto tint. Avoid any cleansing brush, scouring pad, or scrubbing sponge. 

Take care with hard and metal objects

The easiest way to damage auto window tinting is through accidental contact with hard objects. Scraping the auto film with a pair of keys, for example, could create permanent scratches in auto window tinting. Or bumping into it while holding solid, hard edged objects. The best auto tints will be tougher to damage, so taking simple precautions around your auto film should extend the long life of the auto film.

Start with a reliable installer

The best way to protect your vehicle's new tinted windows is to start with the best auto tint, and to entrust installation to qualified, experienced hands. In san diego, superior windows solutions install auto window tinting that lasts. Contact us today for a consult.