Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Window Tinting

commerciall window tinting faq's

What are the advantages to Commercial window tinting?

Today’s commercial office buildings, store fronts, and high rises feature more glass than ever before, and although an abundance of windows is a stylish architectural choice, plain glass windows are notorious energy wasters and offer little to no solar protection. Window tint film blocks up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays and reduces heat by up to 78%, which translates into incredible energy savings for commercial building owners and tenants. Business window film can also:

  • Reduce glare and eyestrain to increase comfort for building tenants, clients, and customers
  • Protect curtains, carpet, and upholstery from fading in harsh sunlight
  • Protect property from break-ins and natural disaster damage with increased glass durability
  • Translate energy savings into potential LEED credits
  • Save tenants up to 50% in cooling costs
  • Lengthen the life of HVAC equipment and lower maintenance costs

Is commercial window tinting dark like car window film?

The shading level of commercial window tint is entirely customizable, but there are several transparent film options that look virtually indistinguishable from non-tinted windows, aside from the significant reduction in glare. There are also privacy options such as window tint that appears transparent from the inside but shaded or mirrored from the outside, and decorative window film products like etched glass for added style.

Is commercial window film in San Diego eligible for utility rebates?

Many utility companies and government programs offer energy rebates for commercial window film installation, categorized as a rebate-eligible product or a “custom measure” option. Superior Window Solutions will check out the rebates in your area and assist in the application process. 

What kind of warranty is available for commercial window tinting?

Superior Window Solutions uses the highest quality window film products in the industry, and warranties are available for up to 10-year periods. However, because each commercial project is completely unique, you’ll need to contact one of our representatives for exact warranty specifications. 

What is involved in a commercial window tint consultation?

Our free consultation service begins with an in-person evaluation of the building’s size and specifications. After measurements are complete, we’ll go over all the window film options available for your particular project. Once we email you a bid with the most competitive price around, the ball is in your court—there’s never an obligation to buy.

Do you only offer commercial window tinting?

At Superior Window Solutions, we offer a wide variety of window tinting services, including privacy window film and UV protection window film installation for commercial properties, residential homes, and automobiles. For examples of our previous work, please check out our “Gallery” page, where you’ll find a number of “before” and “after” photos. 

Why should I choose Superior Window Solutions? 

Window tint is one of the smartest investments you can make in your commercial portfolio. Superior Window Solutions offers premium products at competitive prices, allowing you to provide a safe, comfortable, and satisfying environment for your commercial building’s tenants and their clients. We’re also an ENERGY STAR partner, proud to help our commercial clients achieve incredible energy savings. 
Superior Window Solutions has provided film for windows at the San Diego and Los Angeles International Airports, as well as a number of other commercial buildings in Southern California and Oregon. Feel free to give us a call at (877) 484-6886 for any futher questions.