Current and Recent Projects

At Superior Window Solutions, we’re proud to provide commercial window tinting services to many of Southern California’s premier businesses and educational institutions. Our portfolio highlights some of our current and recent projects, and is followed by a list of exceptional service providers we’re proud to partner with.

Current/Ongoing Projects

  • San Diego International Airport; San Diego, CA
  • Los Angeles International Airport; Los Angeles, CA
  • New School Of Architecture; San Diego, CA
  • City of San Diego
  • Ferrari & Maserati San Diego
  • Porsche of San Diego
  • Hoehn Automotive Group; San Diego, CA
  • UCSD School of Health; San Diego, CA
  • San Diego Center For Children; San Diego, CA
  • Symbolic Motors – Bentley, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce; San Diego, CA
  • Silverton Business Center; San Diego, CA
  • Flagship Cruise Lines; San Diego, CA
  • Berkshire Home Hathaway Services; Southern California
  • Navy Federal Credit Union; Southern California
  • Walter’s Property Management Services
  • San Diego Unified School District

Recent Projects

  • FBI Facility Headquarters; Portland, OR
  • Sunriver Resort; Sunriver, OR
  • Milpitas Public Library; Milpitas, CA
  • Roberts Field, Redmond International Airport; Redmond, OR
  • Kyocera International; San Diego, CA
  • Imperial Beach Southern Naval Base Air Command; San Diego, CA
  • Central Oregon Army / National Guard Regional Support Facility; Redmond, OR
  • Deschutes County Corrections Facility; Bend, OR
  • Lincoln Acres Library; San Diego, CA
  • Central Oregon High Desert Museum; Bend, OR

Our Friends and Affiliated Companies

We are allied with many of San Diego’s premium construction companies and other top quality service providers. We only work with the very best in the industry, and our reputation for excellence proves it.

  • Burger Construction; San Diego, CA
  • RCH Construction; San Diego, CA
  • Powerhouse Construction; San Diego, CA
  • Horizon Retail Construction; Sturtevant, WI
  • Lockrul Construction; San Diego, CA
  • Parkway Construction; Lewisville, TX
  • Carrier Johnson Architectural Design; San Diego, CA
  • Lasting Traditions Home Design; Bend, Or
  • Designs For Living Home Design; Bend, OR
  • Sunblockers Window Tinting; Redding, CA
  • Northwest Window Tinting; Roseburg, OR
  • ABC Construction; San Diego, CA
  • LeTip International and Wealth In Networking; San Diego, CA

We’re always looking to add more companies to our list of allied service providers. If your company prides itself on offering the best in products, workmanship, and customer service, call us to learn how you can join our roster of affiliates.