Though tinting tends to be the most common application of home or business window film, several decorative window film ideas involve a greater degree of creativity. At Superior Window Solutions, choice of window film may include plenty of interesting design elements, while still offering the privacy, UV protection, and other benefits associated with tinted windows. This may range from appealing textures and patterns, all the way to custom stained glass window film. Here are a few stained glass window film ideas for your business or home.

Textured window film

Most of us are well familiar with frosted or otherwise textured glass, commonly found in shower doors or bathroom windows to effect privacy while still allowing light to pass. The same concept, and an even greater variety of textures, may be applied with decorative window film, for a much lower investment than replacing a pane of glass. Evenly frosted textures may range in opacity and tint, whereas you may also go for textured patterns that mimic such grains as those found in fabric, parchment, or rice paper. 

More interesting may be textured patterns that featured cutaway designs, whether geometric shapes, classic architectural designs, natural and floral prints, and the appearance of etched glass. Such textures may add an elegant look to business window film, and vintage appeal to a home.

Gradient window film

Most window film applications are designed to uniformly cover an entire pane of glass, but they needn't do so. Gradient window films fade from a design element to fully transparent glass. For example, if your home has a floor to ceiling window, you may want textured glass from the ground to shoulder level to effect privacy, fading to fully transparent so you may still see outside unobstructed. There are myriad designs that may be accomplished with gradient film. 

Colored window film

Among window film ideas in San Diego, dark gray or brown tints present the most laid back appeal, particularly for homes. But for business window film, and architecturally modern homes, different colors may be desired. There's virtually no limit to which hue or degree of transparency may be installed on either interior or exterior windows. A business that uses a particular palette of colors in its branding, for example, may wish to see those colored reflected in its decorative window film. At the same time, the aforementioned textures and gradients may be applied to colored window film, and multicolor film options include stained glass window film, color blends, and prismatic effects. 

Stained glass window film

Stained glass may be most common in houses of worship and stately old manors, but the availability custom stained glass window film presents unlimited opportunities to change the look and feel of a home. Sedate options include a simple leaded glass design, while more colorful stained glass window film may be applied to glass doors and transom windows. Complementary designs may be developed for the particulars of a home or business, providing elegant, stained glass looks that offer the utmost privacy, yet put aesthetic design first.

In San Diego, Superior Window Solutions can help determine which stained glass window film best suits your needs! Give us a call at (877) 484-6886 or fill out our form fill for more information